Discover Specialty Cheeses Made With the Utmost Care

Discover Specialty Cheeses Made With the Utmost Care

Stop by our specialty cheese shop in Hannibal, MO

Unlike the cheese-adjacent products found in many supermarkets, Badger Cheese Haus serves all kinds of real Wisconsin cheese. As someone born and raised in Widmer, Wisconsin, our company owner knows what it takes to create cheeses that are truly special. Each slice of cheese that we serve is made with passion and the finest ingredients on the market.

Whether you prefer cheese that taste buttery, earthy, tangy or sharp, you can bet that we've got something you'll enjoy. Visit our specialty cheese shop today at 204 Bird Street in Hannibal, MO.

Try our delicious cheese options

When you visit our specialty cheese shop, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of products. Some of our best sellers include:

  • Mild cheddar bricks
  • Garlic cheese curds
  • Amish blue cheese
  • Authentic gorgonzola
  • Cheese and sausage trays

Looking to stock up on your favorite cheeses? Call 573-231-0422 today to find out more about our real Wisconsin cheese for sale in Hannibal, MO.